My cousin from Shags

Have I told you about my cousin from shags who shrubs like mad (Shrabba Ranks). Today I remembered a story he told me. One day, he got his dad really mad. As n very very mad, and he really loved his dad. He came to my house later and tole me “nimekosea dad. Niritaka nimtaftie wibo nimudedicatie kwa ledio nimwabie soli(sorry). saas nimepata wibo ire inafaa kabisa kwa hii mabo, ya kusema soli kwa dad” he then proceeded to remove a CD from his bag, went to the CD player, put it in, clicked song number three, and the song that played made me fall flat on my face with laughter. Do you know which song he played, and was clutching his chest in remorse during the chorus???

Westlife’s SOLIDAD!!!


~ by jagedin9ja on August 14, 2009.

One Response to “My cousin from Shags”

  1. ok thats a good one


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