Ladies and Gents,

well, we have to apologise for the long silence since we had our blog updated. this is due to the fact that Ed and I had taken on the biggest projects of our lives, MARRIAGE!!!! but that is all done and we are both hapily married, and enjoying it. But whatever you have heard about marriage is fake. They say that after marriage sex goes down?? Lies……Blogging is what goes down.

Anyway, we have been to Kenya and back two times(ED) and three times(ME) since April. We are now back in Lagos and fully entrenched in the Lagos way of life. Things keep getting weird here, but we are getting by.

Now the other day i was with my pals at a hang out place, in Mega Plaza, having some of those frothy liquids, and exchanging useless banter about things that never happened,when the weirdest thing happened. One guy came to me and asked “are you happy about defaccing God’s house??” i was obviously taken aback, and drawn in at the same time…whatever did this man mean?? He pointed at my arms and i remembered…..the tattoos.

I told this man that it was a matter of choice and he sat me down, removed pamphlets from God knows where, and proceeded to preach Jehova to me. God, a Jehovah Witness!!!!! These people should be sent to Middle East to look for Osama. THEY ALWAYS GET YOU WHEN YOU CANT BE GOTTEN!!!

so the guy proceeds to show me verses against tattoos, and telling me about all their beliefs…….BUT he didnt know i had been waiting for this day!!!! See i had researched the Jehovah witness religion for a while, and had saved their 101 laws on my phone (please google them and see what they are). I let him finish, then when he asked me if i had any questions, i unleashed my HTC® phone (But do i say) and proceeded to show him the rules as i had saved them. I asked him about them and noticed the man was getting uneasy, and speaking Ibo, or was it Yoruba???? i could see he was not used to being questioned.

i read till number 38, and (and this is why i say these guys are weird) the guy stopped me and said, “what did you say number 27 was?” I looked down at the phone to scroll up, and i must have looked away for a second or three at most, and when i looked up, the guy had disappeared!!!! HOW I DONT KNOW..

He was gone, no sign of  him anywhere. Spontaneous combustion. aiiiii!!! I turned to my pals and shrugged it off. Well we stayed for like 1.5 hours there, and i had forgotten about him totally, when from up on the roof came the guy, shaking his head mumbling something under his breath, and he then headed to the toilet.

My question for today is, How fast did this man go up the roof?? How long was he gonna stay there??? What was he mumbling under his breath??? A prayer or curse???? Are they taught how to climb fences and trees at service?????


Look forward for more!!!


~ by jagedin9ja on August 14, 2009.

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  1. nice

    googling those 101

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