Use Protection you roaches

Hello people. We have been so busy at the office, and with private issues, that weve not been able to update the site, but now things are slowing down, and so were back, though not with a bang, maybe a small plop like that last excrement landing in water. Well, for those who don’t know, in April, I got married to the love of my life, and was with her a long happy month before I came back to this place. Was a beautiful poolside wedding, with a garden reception, and the colour scheme was Black, pink and champagne.

Now gents, you all are wondering what colour champagne is. Well, this was the first argument me and the wife, who l love to death, had. See when we were planning the wedding, I was mostly in lagos and was being updated through email and phone calls. I remember one such phone call saying “babe, the wedding theme will be Pink, black and champagne”. Me I heard “the wedding theme will be pink, and wone lack champagne”. So you can imagine my ire when I found no champagne on site. Lol

Anyhow was a great day, and I will write more on it, as well as post photos for you all. Thanks for all the support.

Now, in may, I came back to my offshore home, and some things have to be said about what I found. The rains have started in Lagos, and enyewe the weather is more bearable, but some things are just happening now.

Now ladies and gents lemme give you saga. The rainy season has come with its own wahala. Dudus (insects for the Anglophones) have increased around the house, mpaka we have to fumigate the house soon. Sasa, yesterday while watching Army wives in bed (yes I watch army wives, and jana Getty died…I cried like an ass-n-all fan), I heard a rustling sound just next to my bed. I closed my eyes and prayed to God saying “Aki let it not be a rat God Aki!!!” I turned slowly, and took my emergency lantern I place next to the bed, and turned it on, juu switch ya stima iko far. Out the corner of my left eye (you see I have sport vision, and this is valuable to any CSI, which I am) I saw a movement. I jumped up, my privates swinging all over the place coz I was nude, and decided, “This is it!! D-day” I moved the bed side drawer, and what I saw shocked me. I saw two big ass cockroaches shagging!!!!!! Aki they were making noise!!!!! I took my slippers and slapped them to death. You see?? Upon further checking, I saw they were shagging without a condom. This is a moral story……..the moral being, USE PROTECTION!!!

Let me take it slow, will update another story tomorrow. Much luv guys

Anthony (The married one)


~ by jagedin9ja on May 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Use Protection you roaches”

  1. silly boy. But i love you though. ROTFLMAO!!!

  2. Congrats on getting married! Oh and welcome back boys…looking forward to more crazy stories…. LMAO!!!!

  3. hihihi!!!!! you never let down 🙂

  4. Nice 🙂

  5. love you for making me laugh

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