Producers & Screenwriters, Lend Me Your Eyes

Naija movies are very popular. There is not an inch of Africa that these movies cannot be found- even South Africa, the home of the xenophobia- yet we ‘foreigners’ are the ones who ensured the end of apartheid and liberated them from their townships- embrace Naija movies. 

From witchcraft, to murder, love to more witchcraft, these scripts are highly creative and rather warped, but spawn millions of dollars.


A screen actor in Kenya will earn 15k-80k for a locally produced movie; depending on their caliber and how well they perform on the ‘casting couch’.


45k-200k on an international movie; depending on how dark skinned they are or again, how good the ‘casting couch’ audition goes. 


In Nigeria, screen actors earn $2k-$16k…ksh160k-1.2million. 


Serving a population of 140 million that support their people’s talent (Kenyans should learn something from this) is a major factor for these exuberant fees, as well as low budget productions with strong scripts and popular actors.


You see Nigerians don’t need films to fantasize a better life, they live it.  They don’t need a movie to inspire the viewer to attain that which they are watching, they acquire.  Basically they live in the real world and don’t need to escape into fantasy to comfort what they lack, they do their best to earn it.  We Kenyans seem to live in the fantasy of others reality.


A Kenyan film will take over 3 weeks to shoot because of screen writers attempt of showing opulence (why must all our movies be centered around the middle or upper middle class, I don tire of the same shallow scripts o) by adding several elaborate locations like a posh restaurant, a posher hotel, a huge house- that sucks all the sound and you can’t hear what the actors are saying. 


Naija films use one location and spend one week shooting, 2 days editing and a day to advertise, earning millions in less than 2 weeks. 


A good Nigerian actor will earn around $5 million in a year, a brilliant Kenyan actor ksh420k.


Isn’t it time we learnt to appreciate our Kenyan selves and brought real issues to our screens so the larger population can appreciate and support the industry rather than attempting to emulate a culture that is far from our own?




~ by jagedin9ja on November 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Producers & Screenwriters, Lend Me Your Eyes”

  1. i think things will pick up after we have our own oscars next year jan.

  2. I wonder if naijas pirate as much as Kenyans. With your talent, you should audition for a role in one of those naija movies.

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