Beware 419

What is uppity???

Well after my brief hiatus from expressing my experiences on this our blog, im back with another fascinating, yet confusing story. It is a story on Nigerians doing 419 business. For all of you who still haven’t learnt to do research, 419 is the art that has been perfected by Nigerian Yahoo! boys. These are the letters you get in your inbox from the likes of; Salami Nawali, Sito Mbeki, Nta Kudinya, Uta Tombwa, Ntakuingisha Kidole Rasa, Ugali Namboga and many others. They always have a sob story about a spousal death or something, or some disaster and they have some nice inheritance, and they’re looking at sending money to you so you can invest it with them.

Aaahhh now I am seeing recognition on your faces. These emails are sent by these Yahoo! boys(all right class, anyone wanna tell me why they’re called Yahoo! Boys?) and do you know, many people fall for it, and I have been shown houses here in Lagos that belong to these guys. HUGE ASS houses, built like castles, all from this type of fraud. I’m not here telling you not to believe that you email was randomly picked by a machine up in Baltimore, or Venice, and you are entitled to 1.5 million Pounds. You believe what you want. But woe to you when you end up like George W bush…Homeless… the way, where will GWB live??? CNN has failed us thus far

so anyway, these boys are always so well dressed, in tight shirts showing off their nipples on a hot day, and chains around their necks, like branded cows, or kept dogs. They drive fancy cars, and have blaring music out the same little cars. I was once lucky enough to be introduced to one of these guys, and he guided me on how to make money off of a sucker. He trained me on the art of Yahoo!ism and I think I have it. Let me now try and write one for you.

P.S: you always have to check the spelling errors in the Yahoo! Messages. Its abhorable

Dear sir, madam, professor, father, chief, esquire, doctor, Excellency, honor,

Please don’t be surprise on receipt of this message, I sent it directly to you and I meant no harm at all, though we are both stragers but it doesn’t matter anything as far as I trusted you. I am Mr.Anthony Migui,the From Nairobi Kenya. Also I am also a victim of he firing finger of one CEO of a show on business that aired some time back. For more infonashon visit this site: http://www.walinivutakaziovyoovyo/hakunaubaya/nimezoea.htm. Moreover, before the sudden firing,I had a net worth of the sum of US$ 0.0000003 with several Bank and no other person outside the banks know about this account or any thing concerning it. It is with this in mind that I now decided to make this business proposal to you,so that you will feel sorry for a brother, and you will surely help me out of this my kwagmaya. I am a Kenyan in need of yua accistance, assistantation, assys…argghhh help, in order to for me live good life of mine with help of you. Furthermore, as soon as you confirmed the total help by you successfully,I will name my entire family after your family in the percentage of help gifen. Please Indicate Your Capability and Readiness On This One In A Live Time Opportunity to help a nedy brother.Upon receipt of your positive response, I will furnish you with more details on how we should go for the release of the fund to you as the beneficiary. I am waiting for your urgent response to enable us concludes this transaction without any delay. Thanks in advance for your co-operation!

Please send me

No of spinach pledged,

Amount of mandazi prepared to send

And others as soon as pocssible

Your’s Sincerely,

Mr Anthony Migui


Do you know, some people will fall for such a letter. Ha! This life na wa o!!!

Have a grand day my people


~ by jagedin9ja on November 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Beware 419”

  1. Wow, you are criminal-minded, eh? It’s people like you that make the rest of us Nigerians look bad. Many of us Nigerians are trying to do good while a few fools will give up their character and ultimately respect for their fellow Nigerians in exchange for a few bucks?? Flashy cars?? Suits?? Big deal!! The fact that banks such as WAMU hold meetings discussing “Nigeria” is a shame on these your so-called “Yahoo! boys.” The fact one’s resume is overlooked due to that “Nigerian-sounding” last name is a disappointment to you and your money monger friends that you are “so lucky” to be acquainted with.

  2. i’ve laughed my head of after reading the 1st and 3rd paragraphs…i wold like to meet these nipple showing chain hanging oga’s

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