Weekend in Lagos


i don come back o. don’t vex for me, we don get too much work for office, we no have time for update web blog ooo.

How are y’all doing? hope all well. here in the sunny Lagos, we’re doing well. We were just hard pressed to update the blog due to pressures at the office, but i have stolen a few minutes off to say a bit of how the weekend was.

Friday was a funny day for us. We had the African attire on, and I’m telling you, everyone was turning heads and saying “hello chairman”, “My oga how you dey??” In fact, how do they know whether Eddie (or me) had torn underwear and socks on?? Respect unlimited. he he he. But im telling you, that day, guys and gals who never spoke to us were calling us all kind of respectful names…maybe we should make a habit of that!!!

evening came kinda early, like every Friday, at around 1 P.M. As usual , i don’t joke with food on Fridays, so i had me rice, two pieces of chicken, three gizzards and a DIET sprite.(i don’t want to gain weight…so i drink diet drinks). All this so i can drink well in the evening…he he he Kenyans!!!

Went home through this place  – Mama Kass, an eatery that sells African dishes – walked over to the counter and what i saw made the little food left in my tummy quiver. started off with nice spaghetti, to jollof rice, fried rice then Smack!!! Snails!!! what the hell????? they were actually sliced in half, with some tomatoes on them….why do they do this to me???  I am now looking for this kinda sign to market to such hotels with similar food displays!!!!!




This is to warn them to be wary of what may be on display. Me i was shocked. Anyone Feel Me? imagine seeing snails in Nandos, next to the Steak and Kidney Pie…..food go shock me like this abeg?

Anyhow, i still bought spaghetti again and gizzards………its good food…what? Headed home and had the feast of chicken innards. cannibalistic yeah!!!

around 9 some Kenyans came to the Hotel, now these guys can drink like fish, as usual. We Kenyans tend to emulate a childhood cartoon that was popular in Kenya called Bogi Benda..the guy could drink!!!!

we then went out, and as usual ended up at Soul Lounge, where i had yet another Long island ice tea. This club is posh o! I’m telling you! They have sweets on the tables, for customers, which i pick, despite the fact i don’t eat sweets. I remember staring down one waitress coz of putting all the sweets in my pocket, then it was Saturday morning. i have stopped with those Ice teas!!!

So saturday was boring, nothing happened, just lay in bed watching TV. I really need a social life. got to read up on some assignment from work….Boring…….i should make up a story, like i was walking to the shop and saw a man jerking off in a phone booth…wish i was that creative. he he he

Sunday however was a different thing altogether. Action from morning till evening. Was woken up by a hungry colleague at 9 A.M, to wlak them to Mama Kass AGAIN!!! for breakfast. this colleague of mine is also dey crase! They (he or she) had pounded yam and fish for breakfast. 9JA!!!

Anyhow, i spent the day moving from house to house, visiting, and being introduced to guys. Nigerians are sooooo cordial and hospitable! i was so impressed by how they’d receive me, acting genuinely interested. Unlike some Kenyans! The worst thing is that each Nigerian house has Red WIne. So i was offered wine in each house, and being Kenyan, i couldn’t refuse. INEBRIATION GALORE!!!

We, (me and my colleague) then decided to go visiting in the mainland, and Na Wa for us….we got into a spot of trouble…..a story for another day…. I eventually got home at 10, got into bed, ran through my weekend in my brain, and conclusion……Life in 9ja is not toooooooooo bad.


~ by jagedin9ja on November 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Weekend in Lagos”

  1. my broda o….you guys are hilarious man…i swear im going to get this into kenyan mags if its the last thing i do.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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