Frustrations…from AAAHDS

Work is great. Challenging, but great. I’m loving every minute of it, but if it were not for the work, i think id have already pulled out whats remaining of my hair…..not that I’m bald, but i cut my hair real low…you evil people!!! Damn you for thinking I’m going bald!!!!

So let me pontificate the reasons I’m frustrated.I’m from Kenya, and some things are imprinted in my DNA and here, im lost. I cannot function any more, I feel like my life is being sucked out of me bit by bit…..guys I’m suffering from AAAHDS!!!

I walk the streets of Lagos every day, going out to eat, to buy units for my phone, or even to relax my brain from the heavy workload at work. But, i am really missing some therapy that Kenyan mean know about, and willingly subscribe to…Me, ill put this out there for everyone, anyone who has a problem, please feel free to fly down to Lagos and knock my block off.

Picture this, you’re walking down the streets, bored or even tired. Guys, what makes you happy? what makes you feel like “well this day wasn’t a total waste???” Come on y’all…what is this phenomenon that makes guys walk three kilometers in the wrong direction?? what is this that is giving me this nasty affliction of AAAHDS???……anyone?…..any guesses?…… its the wonderful world of nyash, tush, booty, etc.

Let me introduce you to my disease. AAAHDS was first discovered in 2,000,000 BC by this dude Adam. it is the reason he asked for a partner. the guy was walking in the jungle randomly naming creatures like mosquito, orangutang,  duck billed platypus(what?? is there a normal billed platypus? i don’t know), salamander tazmanian devil, and all kinds of questionable names, but he still wasn’t fulfilled. There was something missing…..he was the first victim of AAAHDS….Acute Ass And Hips Deficiency Syndrome!!!!

I’m not saying the women in Nigeria aren’t hot, they are, But they lack that East African combo. Women from home are both beautiful, and Bootyful. Men, stop laughing. its true!!! Aki!!! The women here are slim and tend to emulate American type bodies, and also i think all the pepper they eat burns the hips off. In fact once i was wondering how a girl can dress up, put on makeup, check herself in the mirror, then leave home without wearing her hips or nyash… I myself am a true African man. I admire voluptuous bodies (like my baby’s). Here I’m telling you there is none. I have been on the street some, but i am yet to see this wonderful creation here. I have been having withdrawal symptoms…shudders, hallucinations (which actually aren’t too bad….i see booty all over for like two minutes) and i think I’m gonna go into anapalyctic shock soon if i don’t get a visual fix!!! I’m now appealing to this blog, anyone who has a permanent cure for AAAHDS, please contact me, and save me 1000 USD in airfare all the way to Kenya for a fix.

Gotta start working now, will talk later.

Thank you for listening to my rant.


~ by jagedin9ja on November 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Frustrations…from AAAHDS”

  1. pole my guy 🙂 i hope you are coming down for chrisi, that way you can compensate for ish a while….

  2. i thought naija girls hav plenty nyash?!? heh! who knew 🙂

  3. I thought West african mamaz were big! Clearly I was waaay off the mark.

  4. @Nzembi, so did I? The ones I get to see at work are so well endowed, but most are married ladies and all…

    BTW, I like your blog guys…

  5. Anto fullish is the word….Love ur rant thou. But its tru guys….no nyash here. on a better day i will fill in all the gals on the oga man and i have alot to tell

  6. yap you need therapy alright

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