Aggression is progression

Now you may often wonder why Nigerians are so loud and unnecessarily aggressive when in Kenya or other countries away from their home, I have the answer.  Nigerians have excessive pride and elongated self importance, this trait stretches across all socio economic levels and gender bridges.  Shakara, as it’s popularly known, is the cause of this effect.

Back home, a man is respected or labelled a gentleman based on his gentle nature, here a man wins a similar prestigious title, chairman, for being loud and aggressive.  Picture this, you are in an office cafeteria, you go across the counter and there are several smartly dress learned men and you lean across the counter and tell the lady serving you “May I please have a coke and biscuit.”  The next thing you know some bloke has pushed you from behind and shouts “Give me coke!” And what is more heinous is the fact that he gets served before you do…why, because he showed the person serving him that he is more important that they are so they were obliged to honour his request.  If this happed in Kenya, the latter customer would be ignored favouring the much polite client; but not in Naija.

To be fair, the service industry is crap!  You are often served by untrained, rude, arrogant and often moronic waitresses…believe it or not, you are much better served by a man than a woman, so you sometimes need to ‘put her in her place’ to get good service otherwise you shall just rot on your seat.  I have, unfortunately, developed that habit.  I no longer say ‘please’ but ‘give’ or ‘bring’ or when I really want to assimilate ‘Make you bring’.  Please be for foreigners, who never get served.  Please is for beggars, who have no money…if you are a chairman, and oga, you demand not ask.

So when our poor brothers leave their boarders and arrive at more civil society they still maintain this mind frame and aggression becomes the order of the day, so be more understanding.


~ by jagedin9ja on November 11, 2008.

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