Drinking, sleeping and shopping

Now the weekend was upon us, and in true fashion of a Kenyan, why would i pass without having some tipple, at least till i get woozy, giddy and tipsy(drunkd)!!!!

Went to a snazzy bar in Shoprite mall, or is it the palms?? Soul Lounge its called. Its really well designed, i must admit I’m impressed at the interior decor, although the place is small, kind of like Crooked Q’s in Kenya, on the west strip! Place was packed, music was sick, rhymes are phat…..wow. Had a Long island ice tea…that sumbitch always knocks me out..but i held my own….for a while though….and by the way, here, drinks in the club are expensive….my choice of drink, Heineken costs 800 Naira!!! back home the same thing would be 120 Shillings….CAN YOU IMAGINE???? i should stop drinking….but i WON’T, Thank you.

Oh Eddie was at home, i guess tired from the weeks work…next time remind me to drag him along. What Kenyan sleeps early on Friday night?? I’ll talk to the boy. Someone please help me talk to him.

Left the bar and went home (don’t even know how). slept. Let me tell you about Nigeria, the people respect a closed door. i got no visitors on Saturday, so i recuperated well, no one trying to convince me to drink again to get over the hangover…Yes Kenyans believe in “fight fire with fire”. Uneventful Saturday…but really relaxing!!!

Sunday.Eddie and I decide to go to the Shoprite, or is it the Palms?? for a spot of shopping coz the heat here dictates regular regiments of re-hide-ration – this is locking yourself in and drinking plenty of fluids- we went around shopping for stuff, saw some really good shirts and stuff, but they’re expensive as hell (if you are still in Kenyan mode) ill explain more later. WE then went to the supermarket and bought some drinks…then saw something that shocked me. This lady in front of me had done some shopping and the stuff barely filled 5 polythene bags but her bill was 25,000!!!!! Crazy huh? I expected her to now pay using debit or even credit card…shock on mine and Eddie’s diab (toosh, nyash etc)! The woman then proceeded to unleash a bundle…yea a bundle of cash, and started counting with the speed of one of those cash counting thingamajigs! Eddie was in shock, me, flabbergasted. This would never happen in Nairobi, i think thieves back home can just smell the money in your purse. but anyway we were shocked, Eddie even took a photo. Is this the norm.

Conclusion, here, cash rules. Clearly technology takes a back seat in dealings!!!


~ by jagedin9ja on November 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Drinking, sleeping and shopping”

  1. Walalala! All that cash! She better not try that in Nairobi. What!

  2. Great work guys, I feel like I’m right there with you.. drama, huh? what’s the exchange rate of Naira to KSH so we understand better

  3. lol Heineken for 400 Kenyan money walalala and FYI i sleep in early on Friday so eddie is not alone.

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