Banking and shopping. Its in the Plastic

I was amazed when I first went to the bank to get some much needed cash. As I was in line I could see a number of people receiving paper bags, like the ones you get from Uchumi after purchasing a small item like toothpaste or for those who practice safe sex, very encouragable, several condoms. The bags were an opaque blue and were dished out with hidden contents. It was only when I got close to the counter that it dawned on me…it was ‘packs’ of money being packed in the paper bags!

I took a moment to reflect how this disposition would play out in Kenya, especially after the plastic bags ban & ever scrupulous thugs watching every individual entering a bank. It would be rather easy to ‘spot the cash’ as you would be walking with a pile of dosh wrapped in newspaper or those brown paper sheets they use in supermarkets these days…thugs would have a time of their life! Furthermore should the bank wish to brand the bags they use to wrap your money, one shall wonder if they are being paid by the thugs to make their work easier.

For bulk deposits, one packs their money in sacks or sisal bags often used by curio traders. You often need 3 people to deposit large amounts of cash; 3 to carry and 2 to empty the bag.

I am in the process of inventing a cash suitcase: portable and secure. I shall call it the Naira on Wheels Bag… Carry your Naira in comfort and security because a comfortable Naira is a healthy Naira!


~ by jagedin9ja on November 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Banking and shopping. Its in the Plastic”

  1. No plastic money? Alaa!

  2. haiya these peeps need to be upgraded

  3. There are bulk cash customers who put the money underneath their clothes here (the bulk teller room is a dark changing room)

  4. Ala! Naira down viserious!

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