Craziness in the food

Let me say at this point that Eddie and I have settled in well here, but some better than others.. This Eddie has the adaptability of a chameleon in the bloody jungle!!!! He reminds me of Jason Bourne!! ha ha ha

I may sound a bit bitter at him, but its true. See the guy will comfortably have PEPE soup (pepper soup), which is really hot here. I now took his advice last night and I’m livid!!! i took that soup and what happened to me is not even funny….

The issue here is that when you jump from an East African pallette into a West african one, please bring some ICE!!! I know what I’m talking bout. I do need the ice myself. I am in so much pain.

The food here is good, very nutritious, as can be seen from the sizes of these people…but why so much pepper? as a lagosian would ask “is it by force?” MADNESS

im not ragging on the food, but its not fair. now guys i have to sign off, coz i have to run to the loo to shell oops, to organise my ablutions!

Damn you Eddie, Damn you



~ by jagedin9ja on November 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “Craziness in the food”

  1. Know what it means to shell bomb after that …………………. Its not easy. Take heart. God will do it for you (lol)

  2. I have laughed at this one…I think its my favorite. You know Tony, when you go to any restaurant always ask how much pepper % is in the food…otherwise you may end up walking with all that….

    But take heart….ni maisha!

  3. Lol! Poor you. . .

  4. Babe didn’t i tell you to stay away from pepe.

  5. i love their food and pepe too but there’s one dish i don’t like from them, this one that they changanya all types of meat into one pot…eeewww

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